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The 6 Figure Event Podcast

Mar 11, 2020

This week I am talking all about creating content and marketing your event! 

I share my 6 tried and true tips + a golden nugget!

1. Create a contest (make it a good one!)

2. Hashtag it

3. Record live snippets 

4. Hire someone to do your social media

5. Embrace FOMO 

6. Social media sells

** Golden Nugget*** 


Mar 4, 2020

Hey all! Today I am talking with the incredible, Jennifer Kem, A Strategic Brand Advisor who is known to be able to "smell the money in your business"!

We dive deep into getting branding for your business, but also for your events! 

We talk about..

- Branding your event beyond just the staging

- Changing your mindset on...